Put The Paintbrush Down

“A woman’s mind and winter-wind change oft.”
~John Clarke

It felt like summer for a few days, but along came winter again with the below-freezing temperatures. I also changed my mind and modified my original paint selections. No, I didn’t get crazy and make drastic changes. However, the new colors do make a big difference.

a selection of Benjamin Moore grays/greys

a selection of colors by Benjamin Moore for the downstairs

Brushed Aluminum is now Stonington Gray. Fieldstone is now Coventry Gray. Ebony Slate is now Approaching Storm. And I nixed the master bedroom color, Nimbus Grey, altogether and chose instead to use the color for the guest room, Silver Grey, in our master suite, too. The bathrooms and the boys’ rooms are still the same. (More to come on those later!)

Overall, I have to say I am soooo much happier with my decision.

After the first selection of colors samples went up on the wall they looked too brown and too green for my taste. I wanted cooler colors and suggested Wickham Grey to my designer, Sara Diem. She insisted we go a little darker, less blue.

And again, Sara was right. I stopped by the house this morning and am in looooove with the perfect shade of grey: Stonington Gray. Granted it’s only the first coat, so it’ll get a smidge darker. Still, I think it’s fresh and pops with the Chantilly Lace trim color. Don’t you?

first coat of stonington grey

first coat of stonington gray :: i’m in love

I admit with all the grey it has been a little confusing for the painters (and my husband), but it’s not totally a ‘fifty shades of grey’ kind of house. More color goes up today so I’ll be sure to snap a few more pictures. Laters, baby!

How many rounds of paint samples did you go through before deciding on the colors for your home? Are you a ‘one and done’ kind of person or did you hem and haw like I did?

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