We’re Having A Renovation!

Yep. There’s no turning back now. Although, we knew that a couple months ago when we signed the apartment lease. It’s just, this home renovation is a really, really big deal for us, for me. I think the last time I was this nervous and excited at the same time I was having a baby.

And how fitting, too, because we’re due to be back in our home around 8 months from now. Today was D-Day and the walls (and ceiling!) came tumbling down.

I stopped by to check the progress and pinch myself when I snapped these quick photos of what used to be our master bedroom with its teeny, tiny “master” bath. Honestly, pitiful is the only way it should be described because it was anything but masterful.


Our contractor, Ed, had a small crew on site today and said we can expect them to finish demolishing the upstairs before moving down to the first floor and then the basement. Once the exterior demolition permits are issued, they’ll move outside to begin work. And that’s when the neighbors will get a better glimpse of the major design changes taking place. Goodbye, porches! {sniff}

If you follow along here, I’ll be sharing the ins and outs of our home renovation experience. Just like when we learned I was pregnant, we are incredibly excited, but know we have a huge project ahead of us. That includes lots of important, detailed decisions to make – like the exterior doors that I need to email Ed about right now!

We don’t expect this renovation to be easy, but I expect we will have fun. A friend of mine who’s done this says it’s like childbirth without an epidural: it really hurts, but when it’s over you forget about the pain because you’ve got this beautiful home to enjoy.Β I hope she’s right because we’ve already decided we’re not doing this again.

But we are going to survive this Β – we have to!Β After all, it’s the views from our home on Summit Drive that make it all worth it.

Well, that and the soaking tub in my new master bath, natch.

3 thoughts on “We’re Having A Renovation!

    • Thanks! I’m going to go back and read about your adventures, too. DIY?! Bless you! I know we wouldn’t survive if we were left to do it ourselves πŸ™‚

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